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Schüler/innen der Oberstufe empfehlen Bücher in Englisch als Ferienlektüre

Am Ende des Schuljahres 2019 nahmen die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Oberstufe an einer Leserunde teil, die von der Englisch-Lehrerin Isabela Bustamante durchgeführt wurde. Die Schüler/innen sollten dabei angeregt werden, Buchtipps zur Förderung der Ferienlektüre in englischer Sprache auszutauschen. 

Die Schüler/innen bereiteten Rezensionen in Englisch für Bücher verschiedener Genres vor. „Paper Towns” (Margos Spuren) von John Green; „The Catcher in the Rye” (Der Fänger im Roggen) von J.D. Salinger; und „Wonder” (Wunder) von R. J. Palacio waren einige der Bücher, die als „Must-Read for the Summer Holidays” empfohlen wurden. 

Es folgen untenstehend die Buchempfehlungen. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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PAPER TOWNS by John Green 

The book tells the story of a boy named Quentin Jacobsen, who fell in love with his new neighbour in his childhood. They grew apart because of the girl´s rebellious behaviour. The girl, Margot Roth Spiegelman, started to run away from home at a very young age, always leaving clues so that her sister could find her. One night, she came to Q´s (his nickname) window asking to borrow his car and also asking for help to get revenge on those who wronged her. And so they did through the night, while having very special moments together. However, on the next day, she disappeared and that was when the boy started to find the clues. What I like most about John Green’s book is the unexpected ending, which shows a more realistic version of a ‘happily ever after’ novel.

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HARRY POTTER by J.K. Rowling

Concerning contemporary classic books, we would like to recommend the Harry Potter series, which take place in England and tell the story of Harry, an orphan boy who lives with his uncle. On his eleventh birthday, he receives a letter inviting him to study in Hogwarts, where he would learn to be a wizard. The seven books tell his adventures with his two best friends, Rony and Hermione, trying to defeat the dark lord Voldemort. 
The reason why we recommend these books is because they are entertaining for all ages and portrait a magical world with amazing creatures and challenges.  

(Amélie R. e Ana Letícia O. - 11C2)

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 WONDER by R. J. Palacio 

Wonder, written by R. J. Palacio, is a children’s novel about a boy named August Pullmann, known as Auggie, who has a serious disease, named Treacher Collins Syndrome.  Because of that, he has studied at home, being taught by his mother. On his first day at a real school, Auggie suffers a lot because of his deformed face, but throughout the story, he makes new friends, has new adventures, problems and starts to know and love himself.  We strongly suggest this novel for people who like sentimental and a little bit dramatic stories. 

(Julia D. e Jonas P. - 9R)

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The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, published in 1951, tells the story of Holden Caulfield, a 16-year old boy, and his journey back home after being expelled from another school. During this journey, he meets old friends and new people. Holden is a very unique boy, who has some peculiar characteristics. Throughout this journey, he faces many internal challenges as he must learn how to live by himself. I recommend this book for 9th graders who are around Holden´s age.

(Bernardo V. - 9R2)